Day 50 Lockdown blog. 11/05/2020

BIKES TO BE MENDED. Gouache on Paper. 16 x 9.5 cm. July 29th 1989.

Image: BIKES TO BE MENDED. Gouache on Paper. ( for Reuben) July 29th 1989.

Following Boris’ anticlimactic ‘First Steps’ broadcast yesterday I was reminded of the much more important first steps all those of us who have children treasure. However important the ‘unlocking’ process seems today, nothing can compare with our children’s first steps in life.


First steps made towards an unknown future, coming only days after a crawl, cushioned from whatevers luking is out there, safe within our grasp if they should fall.

Baby steps are full of light and wonder, feeling every surface that they tread, keen to get the feet do the bidding, keen to go, and going not be  being led.

Bright wide eyes see everything before them, eyes they share with us to see anew, every little sound as loud as thunder, magic found in everything they do.

Precious steps so swiftly turn to walking, precious walks that turn so soon to run, precious words once celebrating milestones, soon to share the adult pantheon.

Soon those precious days will be behind us, memories that strain to linger on, baby steps made to a grown up future, giving us the strength to carry on.

As we grow our steps become much bolder, in the flush of youth and far beyond, first steps that were there at the beginning, at the end will visit us anon, flowers that were planted in that garden, are the joy we share when we pass on. 


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