My thoughts about Art.

Art is not an easy thing to define and the job of an artist is just as hard to pinpoint. For me the artist is a person who is able to encapsulate some aspect of life with clarity, so that others are able to share in the same realisation. The artist opens windows so that we can experience the world more directly. Art is not a closed shop, it can embrace all the recognised art forms: music, dance, theatre, film, photography, painting, sculpture, poetry, the list goes on…. The job of the artist doesn’t stop with these, he or she must be able to find inspiration anywhere and in anything. The artist is able to tap the creative pulse which beats in the heart of everything, small or large, significant or insignificant, and give us new insights into phenomena we previously took for granted. Art is not a privilege but a right. We all need to have access to the enlightenment which art can provide. We are all on a learning curve called life and the artist will make mistakes like everyone else, but when he or she gets it right a thing of enormous and irrefutable significance comes into our lives.


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