A Blogging Poem!

This poem was written in 2007, I still haven’t mastered the art of blogging, but I’m learning!

If I ever learn to blog
I could save the world
from all its many wrongs
and give all its IT children
wings of cyber colour fronds.

If I ever get to blog
I’d leave a legacy on line
of words so frequently repeated
like a latter-day Shakespeare
travelling in a psychedelic
sixties relic
VW of time.

My fear you see
is not of stolen intellectual property,
or hooded raiders
of the long lost interface arc,
or even nasty cookies
or face book lucky rookies,
or bespectacled nerds
who mince their words.
My fear is after
all the years of struggle
to unravel the muddle
of the perfect picture
or the profound poem,
that I will float
like a throat lost
in the ether,
till like a parking meter
my flag drops down.

So look out for my blog
called fgdavisblog.com
you may find it
on a park bench
inscribed in brass,
where you can sit a moment
and enjoy the view,
but the internet is transient
just like you.
It will be a bench
to die for
a mosaic setee,
an electrical recliner
shared by Hansel and Grettle
in order to escape
the gingerbread settle.

You will feel safe
in the womb of my blog,
and soon be ready
to face the world again.

So blogging is my target
and my willow crafted arrows
will be straight and true,
and when you rest your head
on my dream-filled pillow,
you can rest assured
it will stay with you.
Though I can’t promise
a masterpiece,
though you may find one
as you surf the waves,
but fgdavisblog.com
will be remembered
for all the lost souls
it helped to save.


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