Don’t you feel Small?

This poem is from 2009, I hope you like it. G x

Don’t you feel small
compared to the cosmos?
so very little and wee,
as small as a penis
when it’s not erect,
as small as the ash
from your last cigarette,
as small as an ant
that nobody wants,
rejected by all
the other ants.

Don’t you feel tiny?
the dirt on your shoe
is really
a million times
bigger than you.
Compared to the king size
duvet of stars
that cover
your single bed
your like a micro-organism
on one
of the moons of Mars.

I hope this poem
has made you feel better,
and made you realise
your biggest decisions
don’t really matter,
your nothing
compared to the stars.

Your trials, your woes,
your ills, your thrills,
your friends, your foes,
your sins, your fights,
your days, your nights,
( I’m sure you can add to the list)
The message it seems
is all too clear
your so small
you hardly exist.

So live for today
throw your cares away
just look at the stars
and say,
” I won’t get my knickers
in a twist”
I think I’ll go out
and get pissed.


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