When we meet at the crossroads
where our fates collide
It’s an accident waiting to happen,
When the truth hits home
and the time is right
will we stand up to be counted
or get sat on?

When the sound of silence
takes a working lunch
will we play the field
and be as pleased as punch,
or will all our yesterdays
tie us down
so we tie the knot
in tinsel town?

What can I say
that hasn’t been said,
you can gain the world
and lose your soul,
the icing on the cake
it seems to me
is that when you buy one
you get one free.

So pin back your lugholes
and mark my words
you’ve got to be
in it to win it
pride comes before a fall
they say
and every dog must have his day
but you can’t throw a boomerang away.


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