Day 49 Lockdown blog. 10/05/2020

COB AND THATCH Mixed Media on Canvas 2019Image: COB AND THATCH. Mixed Media on Canvas. 2019.


How often have you said ‘ It’s a small world’? Being in isolation may well have changed your mind. Most of us know family and friends who seem to be a lot further away than they were before, be they in the nearest town or in another continent. If anything happened they were a bus ride or a plane journey away and if in need of us we could get to them if we had to. This is one of the largely unconsidered consequences of staying at home, be it in Devon like myself, or indeed anywhere else on the planet. It is a major reason why lockdown is so stressful. which may seem self evident, but is no less real because of that. Before you feel too depressed, it does paradoxically give you something really tangible to look forward to, a reason to get through this and keep safe and well. One day we will all be able to hold the ones we miss closer than ever and that, in no small measure, make all these months of struggle worthwhile. 


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