Day 12 Lockdown blog 04/04/2012


This photo was taken a few minutes ago from the top of my garden, if you look carefully you can see the moon in the glorious blue sunlit sky. It got me thinking…  The sun brightens our days and the moon illuminates the night, they work in consort, one following the other to give us precious light. Though the days are dark in this time we are living through, the natural order of the universe continues, the sun rises and the moon sets, as we have always experienced. In time we will enjoy the freedom to meet all our loved ones, now seperated and pining for a kiss, a hug, the warmth that human contact brings. These sad sad days will pass, taking so many lives with them, gone too soon from the warmth of our embrace. The sun will rise and the moon will set as always and through our patience, love and fortitude we will overcome these tragic tribulations which blight the world. Have courage and be sure that in a new tomorrow we will enjoy with those we hold close the sun and moons merry dance once again.


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