Day 13 blog05/04/2020


It very much looks as if this lockdown will be extended beyond the original three weeks deadline and for all you creative people out there you may be wondering how to fill the time. Here’s an idea for you……  Do you have a piece of furniture which is past it’s sell by date? could you revitalise it by sanding down and varnishing it, painting it, or as I did with this old kidney shaped dressing table, stick fabric on it to give it a new lease of life. If you are a bit of a hoarder like me, you will probably have collected all sorts of pieces of fabric to use sometime, somehow, in the distant future; well now may be the time! It was my daughters idea. After seeing similar on the internet for thousands of pounds a piece, she got in touch. ”Dad can make me a fabric covered dressing table, it will be easy, i’ll send you the link to the site!!” Difficult to say no but I enjoyed the challenge. Of course it took a bit of time but you may have more of it than you planned for? Keep in mind the  truism, ‘ nothing ventured, nothing gained. You can use it if it doesn’t work, but the possibility of success is a wonderful thing.  Good luck with all your creative projects.



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