Day 11 Lockdown blog 03/03/2020

sorting out workshop studioSORTING OUT.

For the last week many of us have used the isolation to do some sorting out, organising and tidying around the house. I’ve been organising my workshop, studio for several days now. With the recycled centres closed of course you may well have, as do I, a growing pile of unwanted stuff  destined for the tip when it reopens. The news yesterday reported that some people have been fly tipping household rubbish and I just wanted to say how selfish and unacceptable that is. Similar to the recent revelations of disgusting abuse levied at supermarket staff. This level of behaviour beggars belief  at any time, but particularly now. I wonder who are these individuals and what planet they are living on to think this behaviour is acceptable.  In a time when you hear of so much good being done by the general public it saddens me that some are not adhering to the rules of decency which we all should be happy to follow. Sorry to be negative but it needs to be said. On a brighter note, sorting out does mean that you probably will find things which have been buried for years. I found this painting from 1993. Happy sorting.

Regusse, Provence. Acrylic on Canvas. 1993. 122 x 91 x 2 cmRegusse, Provence. 122 x 91 x 2 cm.


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