Day 33 Lockdown blog. 25/04/2020

Guitar CaseImage. Guitar Case decorated with African fabrics. 2019.


This guitar case was bought at the Totnes Christmas market and I set about brightening it up with fabric scraps, so there’s an idea for you to fill the lockdown time. It doesn’t have a guitar in it though, which reminds me that you can’t judge a guitar by its cover.

Transparency is synonymous with trust and one good turn deserves another. The public’s compliance with government instructions has been amazing so far, but as scrutiny of the process by which decisions have been made has increased, the powers that be continue to hide behind a cloak of  secrecy; papering over the emerging cracks with repeated wallpaper sound bites and unabashed nationalistic propaganda. Appropriating you’ll never walk alone from LFC or promising medals for low paid key workers, without any mention of a pay rise, doesn’t really cut it. No one expects that mistakes can be avoided in such difficult circumstances, and the Government has a horrendous job on their hands, the public get it! Given that the decisions they make are so life changing and the restrictions decided upon affect us all in so many ways, is it too much to ask for transparency and honesty in return?  There is a growing feeling that the inclusive mantra which we are persuaded to buy into, penned by anonymous behavioural scientists in SAGE, is looking increasingly like our streets, mostly empty. With responsibility comes accountability and that cannot and must not be avoided if we are to continue to call system a democracy; a hard won and precious democracy which looks to be slipping away as each lockdown day passes.

The guitar case may look great but it’s whats inside it that matters?  


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