DAY 7 Lockdownblog.30/03/2020


Our capacity as humans for creativity and innovation never fails to amaze me. Necessity is certainly the mother of invention. News broke today that the Mercedes Formula 1 team have helped to build a UK breathing aid for Covid -19. In only 10 days, working with medics from UCLH and engineers at UCL. Prof. Mervyn Singer, UCLH critical care consultant commented that The Cpap machines will save lives. Once tested they will release scarce ventilators for care of the more seriously ill.    It is truly staggering, inspiring and humbling that teams of the most talented and knowledgeable individuals in the country, in three diverse specialisms can combine at such speed to assist the general public in this way. These are the nuts and bolts which hold us all together and give us hope in times of need.


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