DAY 8 Lockdown blog 31/03/2020

FACE 2010Image: FACE. Portrait Series, Acrylic and Collage on Card. 2010.

SUPERWOMEN. The fact that women are stronger than men shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Statisticians comparing worldwide figures into Covid 19 have discovered that men have a significantly higher chance of  contracting and dying from the virus. Men globally have less healthy lifestyles; too much smoking and drinking and less personal hygiene have all been cited as contributory factors. Philip Goulder, Professor of immunology at Oxford University is a world expert and so you should research his findings if you want factual accuracy, but as I understand it, womens generally stronger immune responses to infections may be due to their two X chromosomes, and lower testosterone levels, biological differences presumably there to protect and preserve the species. Men are clearly much more dispensable! So as I see it Emily Pankhurst  wasn’t wrong and we men who for generations have arrogantly and aggressively peddled the myth of superiority should take it on the chin and admit that women’s continuing struggles worldwide for equal rights should be implemented ASAP. 


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