DAY 6 Lockdownblog 29/03/2020

P1500484SIMPLE PLEASURES. Time to get out the zoetrope. In this increasingly busy and complex world simple pleasures have become a rarity. For those of us in enforced isolation there is an opportunity to indulge in these and find comfort in the simple pleasures of life. Not so of course for the many brave key workers and volunteers who are keeping us safe and supplied with the things we need to survive. We applaud them all and wish them safe and well with all our hearts. Our priorities in life will no-doubt be changed by this whole experience, not only will be made more aware of the support that is needed for a vast sector of society previously undervalued and taken for granted; but also to examine our own shared vulnerability and to realise that the zoetropes circle of ever changing images is now played out for real in homes around the world. 



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