I visited the Tate Modern to see the Paul Klee exhibition at the this year. He was my significant and primary introduction to abstract art in the 1960s and has influenced my work ever since. For me he bridges the gap between free expressionism in abstraction and a considered and scientific analysis of composition. He also introduced the need for abstract art to introduce the mysterious and personal into the mix, making abstract art a legitimate and undeniable expression of the feelings and aspirations of artists. Klee was a master of abstraction, he has shown us what we were able to see and able to divulge about the way we understand the way the world is and will always will be. We are only human, and will always examine the significance we have as artists to change the mind-set of the art world. The major question is what is our contribution to the art word has been? In my opinion Paul Klee has cemented his place in the legacy of art and is a major player in our understanding and appreciation of art today and tomorrow.


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