Women against the powers that be.

Women have always struggled to get their voice heard in a situation where men were in the majority in decision making. In the case of the latest struggle for justice and equality the test began with the Jimmy Savile case. This clearly highlighted the need for more to be done to legitimise  the truth of accusations of sexual indiscretions and  in cases where  women were clearly and obviously abused. The latest example of this is where a prominent British soap star was given a not guilty verdict, seemingly based  on the fact  that the prosecution  could not find enough evidence to commit  the defendant of a guilty verdict. The Catholic Church and the private school system in England have all been implemented in this debate of late, Accusations of sex abuse have been rife. The incidence of mall practice in public office now extend to such bastions as the British Broadcasting Authority and far beyond. It is about time that the justice system in England is revised, but for that to take place it seems to me that the old boy system needs to be at best reviewed or even irradiated.  We desperately  need a system which is free of privilege and prejudice, one which values the dreams and aspirations of everyone in society as equally valid and valued. One that values the contribution of women as equal to that of men. One that rejects the position of the wealthy, powerful and well connected above the dreams of the people who toil on a daily basis to improve their lot and have a voice and a stake in how they will be valued and remembered. Many would argue that the British system of justice is without equal, and justifiably so; but when the vast majority of parliament and the justice system is peopled by men, in a position to make important decisions which affect us all, it seems that there is a serious imbalance which side-lines women, and stifles their voice and opportunity to affect serious change.

FGD 2014



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