THE CAVERN. 2011. Mixed Media on Canvas.

This piece used a box which came with a cup I bought from the Cavern Club in Liverpool in 2011. The work evokes the typical northern skyline, the dark satanic mills of Lancashire, indelibly etched on my childhood memories; a legacy of the industrial north of England with its mills, shipyards and factories which have since been supplanted by the service sector and commerce as the countries main industries. When the Beatles were making a name for themselves in the Sixties they witnessed the beginning of the death of British industrial power and brought about the unprecedented rise of a new export, British music. The Cavern Club in Mathew Street, Liverpool was the venue which first saw the Beatles, as they returned from Hamburg, to change the nature and direction of music throughout the world. This painting in its own humble way bears witness to that paradigm which was no less significant than the Renaissance or Modernism; in that it reconfigured the way that we experienced and appreciated art as it struggled to come to terms with the shifting sands of time.
The Cavern. 2011.(DETAIL).


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