INESCAPABLE. Portrait Series. Mixed Media on Canvas.

INESCAPABLE. Labels Series. Mixed Media on Canvas.


Life is inescapable,
we live, we die, we love, we try
to find the ways we can fulfil
our promise as the days pass by.

To find the person that we are,
to reach that bright illusive star,
to make the most of what we have
before this mortal toil has passed.

We make mistakes along the way,
we say things that we shouldn’t say,
have regrets and feel we could
have been a better force for good,
and taken time to listen to
the people that were dear to us;
shared our love and not hold back,
had the strength we know we lack.

But when all these things are said
despite it all we know until
our final epitaph is penned
we still have time to alter it,
and we can argue, as we will,
that life is inescapable.

FGD 2013.


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