Ampuero. Labels Series 62. FGD. 2011

href=””>AMPUERO Mixed Media on Canvas. 2010. Labels Series 62
THE SHADOW OF HISTORY. The spirit of a nation is indisputably intertwined with its images. Picasso recognised the power of the image of a Bull as a meaningful symbol of a nation at war, his Guernica empowered and inspired a nation to fight against oppression and injustice. I saw the painting in The Reina Sofia, Madrid. It is a work which is equally horrific as it is inspiring, en-capturing in one monumental image the extremes of the human condition and man’s inhumanity to man.Even in peacetime images such as this resonate across all continents,hopefully teaching us how we should behave to one-another in this one united global community. Sadly the world has not yet learnt the lesson and Guernica still relays a powerful and significant message for humanity. This painting has in it’s core a brochure for a bullfight picked up in a bar in Malaga. A work which celebrates the spirit of Spain’s rich tradition and cultural identity, but at the same time references a deeper and more important concern which has not been addressed by those who purport to lead us in the struggle towards a more enlightened future.


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