This work was produced in 2011 and is mixed Media on Card, 15x15cm.
It was about regrets, those things we didn’t do but perhaps aught to have done, and today thank the lord we didn’t. We will never know if what we did or didn’t do would change the course of our lives, but the chances are it would. Life is made up of critical decisions, crossroads at which we falter or progress. This poem is about such a crossroad.


I could smell the salt in the air that night,
In the crystal moon make out a light,
strong and sharp as it came in sight,
ships that pass in the night.

I was sailing on the sea of fate,
and Davey Jones was my second mate,
and he whispered, “Captain don’t you hesitate”
or ships will pass in the night.

Could it be that I was not alone,
in my coracle of cold steel chrome,
where sailors dream of hearth and home
and ships that pass in the night.

I could only just make out a smile
as I sailed towards you for a while,
but wouldn’t you know
we missed by a mile,
ships that pass in the night.

When you’re sailing on the seven seas
I wonder do you ever think of me,
or was it just our destiny to be
ships that pass in the night?

And now my feet are on dry land,
I lye on the beach and run
my fingers through the sand,
It’s still hard for me to understand why
ships pass in the night.

FGD. 2007


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