Bia Bia.

BIAH BIAH. (detail) Mixed Media on Canvas. 17.5x13cm. LABELS SERIES 55.

TROUBLE IN PARADISE.     Labels Series 55. (Bia Bia)

Bia Bia.

This restaurant is one of the best in Bali,
It cooks the sea food for you, fresh,
where you sit in virtual heaven
served right on the beach
palm trees waving while you sit
on tables with parasols in the sun
overlooking the majestic Indian Ocean,
while the sun retires
a red glow envelopes you
in the warm breeze.

Bia Bia just a year ago from my visit
was bombed by terrorist groups
for undisclosed political reasons,
this paradise restaurant
felt the wrath of wounded hearts and minds
and innocent blood was spilt.
But they decided, all united,
to continue what they do
and let the bombers do their worst,
and say to them,to hell with you.

So if you visit Bali now
I recon it will be the same,
and those proud people that I met
give you a feast you won’t forget
of food served with love from every pour
of what is pure, right to the core,
and be the place where you can see
the essence of humanity,
defiant in the face of trials
that strive to waste us by degrees.
and Bia Bia will continue,
despite all odds,
and still provide the food of gods.



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