Covid Town. Mixed Media on Canvas,. 60 x 60 x 3.5 cm. 2020.

This painting has been chosen for inclusion in a forthcoming on line exhibition hosted by The Circle Foundation for the Arts. As part of the submission I was required to include a description of the piece. Not an easy thing for any artist to do, but this is what I wrote:

In the chaos of social and political uncertainty which has hit our major cities worldwide, small towns around the globe have had their communities significantly affected by the pandemic. Deserted streets, locked doors, closed shops, pubs, workplaces and children’s playgrounds. A palpable sense of anxiety and foreboding has descended like a dark cloud on these previously carefree and welcoming communities. In this piece the use of layered collaged fabrics overpainted with mixed media acrylic on a box canvas, accentuates the textural qualities of the piece. For me this technique goes some way to pictorially represent how we cope with adversity on so many deep and complex levels.


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