Day 47 Lockdown blog. 08/05/2020

CAR TAX. Watercolour and Gouache. 1982Image: CAR TAX. Watercolour and Gouache on paper. 1982.


Before the lockdown my wife and I saw a film directed by Ken Loach written by Paul Laverty called ‘Sorry we missed you’. If you haven’t seen it I would recommend you look it up. It’s not an easy watch but it is an excellent, hard hitting example of social commentary. Not to give too much away, it’s about a couple, a delivery driver and a home care worker. Both would now be key workers of course, but the film highlights the difficulties they experienced making ends meet, difficulties which doing those jobs during the lockdown have been made even harder. Both of these essential jobs have been slow to be recognised for government help , be it through a lack of PPE or financial assistance for those on zero hours contracts. Sorry is indeed the hardest word, but it would be nice for the government to just once say ‘ We’re sorry we missed you’. 


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