DAY 2. Lockdownblog .25/03/2020

We are all getting used to reading and following instructions lately, also spending time at home means that clearing out that garage, store room or cellar has become popular. Whilst clearing out I came across a small book of my poems from 1985/7. This one takes a lighthearted look at instructions.


Don’t put all your eggs in one fallout shelter, don’t leap before you jump, don’t read Kant on the helter skelter, don’t go watering the pump. Don’t divide before you double, don’t shave before the stubble, don’t wave at auctions, don’t defend before the trouble. Don’t strip before you tease, don’t wipe your nose before you sneeze, don’t wear your hearts upon your knees, don’t wear knee pads on your sleeves.Don’t laugh before the joke, don’t die before you choke, don’t anger the gods, they’re grumpy sods, don’t puff before you smoke. Don’t drive before you’ve passed the test, don’t catch the chimney flue, don’t let on your guilty, and definitely don’t be you.

April 1987

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