DAY 1 Lockdownblog

Whist doing the ironing this morning I was thinking it would keep me busy to post something each day of the UK lockdown which started today, 24/03/2020. A poem, a picture, a thought, whatever. So here goes…..

Here’s a nod to all those brave souls who are working on the front line, keeping us safe. What would we do without you?

The winds of change are blowing strong, after the floods and Brexit, blowing through our plans and dreams, blocking off our exit. The time has come, the walrus said, to think of many things, the days when we would fly away, on cut price metal wings, must wait till seatbelt signs turn off and we can land again, with feet on terrafirma, whenever that will be, to meet with kisses we have missed, so much in recent days, though winds so strong will try their best to blow our dreams away, remember after each dark night there comes a brighter day.


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