F G Davis. The Devon Open Studios, 2015.

ALMOST EDIBLE. Mixed Media on Canvas. 15 x 15 x 4 cm. 2015. F G Davis.I am busy preparing for the 2015 Devon Open Studios at present. Lots of new pieces to see at my home in Newton Abbot. Dates: 5 – 20th September. Do come and meet me at my home and studio. For location, opening times and info go to: http://www.devonartistnetwork.co.uk/DOSMap  For the last two years the Devon Open Studios has been by far the best event for me; meeting the public and explaining the stories behind the work,( arguably very important when abstract work is involved ) has been a real pleasure. This piece is one from this year, a very productive year so far with lots of exhibitions coming up before Christmas., It is called ‘ Almost Edible’ and is typical of the work I have been doing lately, lots of texture and colour with a title which helps you access the idea behind the piece. Come along and see the work if you can.


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