I wrote this poem in 2009. It talks about those doubts we all have about our ability to cope with the things life throws at us; that growing insecurity that creeps up on us in the dark times when the hope disappears and a sense of inadequacy takes over. I hope it can help you to believe in yourself when things get tough. G

When your hands get sweaty and your brain goes dead
and the things you knew you knew just leave your head,
when the name escapes you, you knew yesterday
and you wish you were a million miles away.

When you thought you had an hour and you have far less,
when you feel like Jesus in the wilderness,
when the maths don’t add up and the numbers spin,
when your friends don’t understand the shit your in.

When you miss the penalty you did need to score,
when you get the feeling that you should do more,
just remember life is like a toilet roll
and that without warning you can reach the end,
just remember anyone can always overspend.

Remember even though the road gets tough,
and you may well think that you’re not good enough,
there are lots of people who believe in you,
that will always love you for the things you do,
just the way you are and the way you’ll stay,
just the way you give them love in every way.

The way you are is a precious gift,
and you must not ever lose sight of this,
so when times are tough, and the sea gets rough,
and the waves get choppy and your boat is tossed,
keep your eye on the shore and you wont get lost.

Just remember we have every faith in you,
in the darkness you are like a shining star,
we will always love you just the way you are.
FGD 2009.


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