THE LAND OF THE TORS. 2012. Mixed Media on Canvas. 60 x 60 x 3.5cm.cropped
Living in ‘the land of the tors’ brings its own advantages and problems. As an artist I feel naturally compelled to respond to The glorious landscape in which we have the privilege of to live, as this piece records.The areas very remoteness from the issues and concerns which affect the majority of the inhabitants of the UK and the world make the search for truth and significance an ongoing issue. The artist has a responsibility to not only reflect and respond to his or her experience, but also be a voice to be heard in the quest for truth and justice in the wider issues which affect the global community. It seems to me that Devon artists who concentrate principally on landscape, may be better employed spending their efforts and talents addressing issues which are relevant in the world in which we live. All artists have to be brave enough to consider themselves part of a wider vision of art that’s really makes a difference. G


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