In the Devon Open Studios,I will be exhibiting at my home/studio in Newton Abbot, as well as in a mixed show at the Ariel Centre in Totnes, Devon. Here my pieces will accompany the work of my past A Level students in their quest for recognition in the art world. Now studying at some of the best University Art Courses in the UK,or exhibiting artists in their own right, they are set to become stars of the future.The exhibition will be significantly different than most of the individual exhibitions and joint shows held during the fortnight. It aims to showcase emerging talent and provide a new and vibrant contemporary art experience for visitors.The details are all on : , or seen in the DOS booklet, giving you opening times and details of future shows. Though most of my followers on social media are from around the globe,many are residents of Devon and are welcome to visit during the period or even attend the private view on Saturday September 6 th from 7-9 pm. at the Ariel Centre in Totnes..This is an opportunity for you to see established and emerging artists operating in your area. Don’t miss out.Yours, F G Davis.Stay in the warm today. 100x100 cm. Mixed Media on Canvas. 2012


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