NEEDS. Portrait Series. Mixed Media on Card. 30 x 30 cm 2012.

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We all need to be needed,
everyone’s the same,
be they poor as a church mouse
or wallowing in fame.

Someone out there needs you,
someone you don’t know;
someone with the same dreams,
someone you know well,
someone you had wished you’d met,
with a tale to tell.

Someone kind and someone not,
someone lost and someone hot,
someone quiet and someone loud,
someone there in every crowd.

We all need to be needed,
that’s a fact of life,
need is in our DNA,
our mission to stay alive.

If you want to be needed,
something you must know,
need is not a quick fix,
need comes rather slow.

Time heals, or so they say,
many chances get away,
many ways of growing,
a bulrush in the reeds.

You need to show others
that you still have your needs,
and you need to realise that
they have just the same.

That’s the way it is,
fail or succeed,
we have just to face it,
we all need to need.

FGD. 2014.


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