Winners Matchbox and Acrylic on Canvas. No.26. F G Davis 2014.

Winners Matchbox and Acrylic on Canvas. No.26. F G Davis 2014.

When every-ones a winner, no-one loses out,
Like the National Lottery, we all have a shout,
Winners take the plaudits, losers take the flack,
That’s just the way it is, there’s no way back.

You can be a hero when the chips are down,
You can call it right all your friends confound,
Win against the odds and you can buck the trend,
What are you in it for a penny or a pound?

There is a big problem, with a winners code,
It doesn’t take account of young and old,
privileged or disadvantaged, you, or I,
peoples on the sidelines , who really try
to make the most, of what they have,
and find no way of getting through
to the comfort of the privileged few.

You can blame the code,even say the’re lazy,
those who never seem to win,
You can argue that it’s all their fault,
that they should take it on the chin,
though the winners can be heard to say
they did it all against the odds,
they should remember where they sit
cosy in the lap of Gods.

FGD 2014


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