This picture is from my labels series of works, soon to be exhibited for the first time in a Gallery in Teignmouth Devon, in November 2013. I will keep you posted. The label I used was attached to a shirt my wife bought me from a posh shop behind the Cathedral in Florence, Italy. The painting reminds me of the typical Italian Piatsa. The work follows the tradition of Wallace, Nicholson and Frost, working in the West Country, in that it invites you to take a walk around the piece, using the impression of an areal view. It links with architecture in the way that passages, walkways, buildings and a waterway, merge into an abstract depiction of a scene, relying more on the imagination of the viewer than the limited and widespread indoctrination which has led us to rely so slavishly on traditional rules of perspective to interpret and understand the world in which we live. The abstraction of an actual or imagined location can, and arguably must, involve the feeling that the place evokes, its light, its sounds and its atmosphere. These are factors which are hard to pinpoint. Not only are they subject to individual interpretation, but allow the work to be recognised and appreciated for its material and tactile qualities; which are not so easily appreciated below the illusion of space and form which predominates in a traditional view. All this from a label!
And the shirt was pretty good too. FGD.


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