Sometimes we all come to a standstill in our creative lives, we doubt where we are going, or if we are going anywhere at all, and always we fear for what will come next. Sometimes the past gets in the way; after all it is made up of all our struggles, successes and failures, our aspirations and dreams which we hold so dear. Like an ever-present cloud this legacy can stop us moving forward to where we need now to be. This is a poem dedicated to your future, the new you which you know is there somewhere; but are perhaps struggling to find. I hope that this poem helps you get through the changes that you need to make to find the new you.


Do you get back to where you were, or find the way to where you are?

When looking back means standing still, it’s time to find a brighter star.

But moving on is not so clear when distant clouds obscure the view

those comfort-blankets made of mists of tears and joy that you once knew.

The struggle now will be no more once you have found the way to go,

though now it seems a log way off, in time you will get there for sure.

So let the magic happen then, and soon those clouds will disappear,

your distant thoughts will dissipate to see the new you reappear.

Though now you think there’s no way through just believe and you’ll be fine,

just like a beacon in the night that shows the way, a star will shine,

believe me when I say to you the future you will be sublime.


FGD.  August 2013. 











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