This poem was written today about the inequalities in society, a reminder perhaps that though our lives are relatively comfortable plenty of others are not,and that if we persist in taking no responsibility and ignoring the cries for help by so many, we run the risk of losing our own privileges which we take so much for granted. There are ways we can help. Do your best to make it right in whatever way you can.

There’s a red carpet rolled up ready,
there’s a train that’s heading home,
there’s a man sleeping in a doorway,
and we say we never cast the stone.

There’s a child denied of schooling,
there’s a temple that’s overgrown,
there’s a nation that needs clean water,
and we say we never cast the stone.

There’s a war that never should have happened,
there’s a number that makes a millionaire,
there are wounds that don’t stop weeping,
there’s a book that tells you what to wear.

there’s a world that’s never free of sorrow,
there’s a game you must have on your phone,
there’s a home that wont be there tomorrow,
and we say we never cast the stone.

There’s a sea that’s mostly made of plastic,
there’s a cruise ship sailing on the foam,
there’s a world which wont be there tomorrow,
if we say, we never cast the stone.

FGD. Aug.2013.


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