This piece was completed in 2015. Inspired of course by the Motown song which was a significant part of my misspent teenage years. The colours and patterns evoke the popular conception of an era. A time for which the young were finding a new and exciting vision of a positive future, one so far removed from the reality of political turmoil, demonstrations, strikes, and bloody wars of attrition which were happening Worldwide.  The North South divide in the UK still exists just as World events in the 60s continue to have far reaching repercussions today. The problems persist and continue to alienate nations and peoples in the most tragic and inhumane ways. The problems of sharing the planet  were not solved by the little boy lost, but we live with ours dreams and aspirations somehow in tact,we roll along our individual road that the satnav of chance dictated. Within our limited field of influence we survive, prosper and create, hoping against hope that some good will come of it. A painting with something to say if you are open to and able to read it. G  PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE. Mixed Media on Canvas. 2015. 20 x 20 x 4cm


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