THE PERCEPTIVE EYE. A one man show by F G Davis at the Artizan Gallery, 7 Ulcius St. Torquay, Devon. 16th to 27th November, 2021. The exhibition features work from the last two years showcasing the impact of the Covid Pandemic. A tour de force of optimism in uncertain times. Image: BERLIN. 5 x 4 f’t, Acrylic on Canvas. 2020. A homage to a City that has undergone a traumatic-and fundamental socio-political change, which arguably trumps the impact of Covid on the ramifications for the world order. We can only pay homage to the forces of truth and justice, which somehow seem to survive despite and mounting pressure. In all of this we do need to remember that everyday lives are always impacted, and that in the final analysis the great cities of the world are increasingly dealing with the fallout of past regimes and their myriad impacts on our lives today. Solutions may be few, but hope springs eternal; always supposed by the contribution of creative minds.


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