The chance to pass for Kane to score

The chance to hear all Wembley roar

Our coloured flags in hope we wave

To brighten all our darker days

When hope was in such short supply

And England struggled to get by.

Who would have thought that man and ball

Could help us realise that all

Those angels that have seen us through

With gowns and love and PPE

For care of all who share this land

Whatever colour they may be

Are those for whom we take the knee.

When stepping out on hallowed turf

To win or lose for what it’s worth

The nation owes a debt to them

For making us feel at one again.

The memories this team can forge

Will live for many all their days

With pride they wear the lion crest

For Harry England and St George.

Fate in the end decides we know

If skill or slip will lead to fame

But few will say when this is done

That football is but just a game.

FGD 2021.

Feel free to share. G


One thought on “MAN AND BALL.

  1. Superb and very nice poem, George! I fear it takes more than a football match to bring this divided country back together. In facet, I’m still trying to work out how we got into the Euros in the first place, now we are OUT….

    Best wishes,


    Lara Chopin


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