Day 70 Lockdown blog. 31/05/2020


Image: Enjoying the view. Buckland Beacon, Dartmoor. 31/05/2020.


Today there was a surprise announcement that those who are in the shielded group can be be released from lockdown and meet, subject to social distancing, with one other person from a separate household. We all know that the Covid merry go round has not stopped but it is looking pretty empty, and so that brings me to a second surprise announcement that having reached 70 posts this is my last Lockdown blog. But don’t despair, from now on I will be posting a: Lockdown unlock blog  once a week. My huge thanks go to all of you who have been viewing my posts, commented and shared them, over these ten weeks; and though not all my comments have been positive, I hope that at least some have given you hope that we can get through this if we all stick together and stay afloat in the choppy waters to come.

 Below: a poem written today.


I bid Farewell to you who share the road, take care unless you slip or lose your way,

you travel to where dreams wait to be found, where what will come will be a brighter day.

So give a hand to those who share the road, whose every step is fraught with care today,

so share a shoulder for their heavy load. and be that beacon that will light their way.




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