Day 68 Lockdown blog. 29/05/2020

BARCELONA LASDY Detail 2002 Mixed MediaImage: BARCELONA LADY. ( Detail ) Mixed Media Assemblage, 2002.


As the lockdown slowly unlocks the stay alert message is critical. I hope this helps to clear a few things up. 

Stay alert when using other families toilets, don’t handle anything without thoroughly disinfecting all surfaces before and after entry.

Stay alert when looking for closed public car parks and toilets when visiting the beach.

Stay alert when you have lost your benefit because you have to return to work and you can’t because you have to stay home to look after the kids.

Stay alert when your employer decides that he or she can’t afford the twenty percent addition to your ferlow payment and you are made redundant.

Stay alert when you pass closed shops, pubs, hotels and music venues so you can accurately  guess when you may be able to return to work.

And perhaps most challenging of all,

Stay alert when watching the daily press briefing.


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