Day 66 Lockdown blog. 27/05/2020


Image: Sagrada Familia. Mixed Media on Canvas. 2005. Private Collection.


Churches are often the places where we pay our respects to our loved ones who have passed away. That has not been been the case for so many during this pandemic. No words can heal the pain of loss for those suffering  families. It is little comfort to know that the pain will eventually fade but never fully disappear. Major tragic events have taken lives throughout our history,  lost in wars and conflicts without the dignity of a proper burial.


We sat in the church of Santa Maria, Santa Maria on Fifth Street and Vine,

we sat in a pew just watching the soldiers carry the coffins in a straight line.

We met in a temple deep in Cambodia, worked in the heat of the killing fields,

watched as the Khmer Rouge severed the heads, we dug the trenches to earn our next meal.

We waited in rows to go over the top, heard the incendiaries wine and groan,

we tried to sleep but the next bomb to drop, could mean that letter would never reach home.

We heard the moan of the 747, while little children played in the street,

in the red glow that sent them to heaven we saw the devil wiping his feet.

We sat in the jungle where people were working, while birds of paradise perched in the trees,

we smelled the napalm and danced in the fire, was it the last dance? you tell me.

We sat in the church of Santa Maria, Santa Maria on Fifth Street and Vine,

post 911, we lit a candle, one little light for the soul of mankind. 

F G D. 2006.


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