Day63 Lockdown blog. 24/05/2020.

ABOVE @ BEYOND. Watercolour on Handmade Paper. 2014. 25x18cm.Image: ABOVE AND BEYOND. Watercolour on Handmade Paper. 2014. Private Collection Devon.


This post is for those who have gone the extra mile, have gone above and beyond what is expected. Those who have volunteered to help where no help has been available, those who have carried on regardless, despite the risks to themselves, to provide us with the essential services necessary for others to continue to carry out difficult and dangerous work. Those who have cared for the sick, the grieving, the dying. Their sacrifices give us proof that people are capable of extraordinary acts of care and compassion in times of need. Whatever games are played in our corridors of power we must not underestimate the strength of individuals to perform such unselfish and heroic acts for the good of many.  The human spirit is a truly remarkable thing.



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