Day 58 Lockdown blog 19/05/2020

THINKING OJ YOU. 2011. Mixed Media on Card. 15 x 15 cm.

Image:  THINKING OF YOU. Mixed Media on Card. 15 x 15 cm. 2011.

Dementia is a condition that affects so many, when memories have faded and time seems a mixture of confusing and disturbing recollections which come and go in misty waves on threads so thin they break as soon as they appear. It comes like a thief in the night, erasing the past without remorse. This poem is an attempt to empathise and to make a statement of hope for those who suffer daily in their homes, in hospitals and care facilities; wherever they may be.


When mists descend from those mountains that we once knew so very well,

To cover eyes with veils of snow to cloud our daily view,

Of peaks we conquered once with brave and fearless steps.


When voices merge and faces fade

When all we once held dear are trapped so deep inside

The many mirrored kaleidoscope of time.


Then, as now, we find the moment comes swiftly to our aid,

The waking and sleeping at the mercy of our dreams.

The fragile thread of years rips,

but does not tear apart the legacy of life itself.


The birds they fly for everyone

And sing their songs if we can only hear,

To bring us hope so sweet and clear,

Which sails above the mountain peaks

On brave and fearless wings.


The mountains soar, as mountains will

And skies give us their brilliant blue,

And what is lost is cherished still

Within the hearts of those we knew,

Now distant but so much a part

Of all we gave and felt, and loved.

Our memories are passed on

Through our tears, and smiles, and blood.


With every day we celebrate the moments that prevail,

The sun and moon in constant dialogue will rise and set

To both ensure the present will remain,

To give it gifts of precious gold to hold within our grasp,

When past times fade, as past times do,

The present you can rest assured

is always there for you.


F G Davis. June 2019.




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