Day 55 Lockdown blog. 16/15/2020

ANTUGNAC. 60 x 60 x 4 cm. Mixed Media on Canvas. 2016

Image:  MOON OVER ANTUGNAC. Mixed Media on Canvas. 60 x 60 x 4 cm. 2016. Private Collection.


Yesterday I had a Zoom interview with Julie Brandon from the Artizan Gallery in Torquay. As one of her longstanding stable of artists, interviews are a lockdown initiative enabling artists to be a feature on the galleries web site and also to be posted on YOUTube.  One of the things I mentioned was how much I missed not being able to travel during the lockdown, and in particular visits to my second home in the South of France; the subject of the painting above, a small town nestling in the beautiful Aude Valley.

Those of us who are lucky enough to own a bolthole somewhere, be it in the UK or abroad will be used to periods in the year when they can get away to spend time in whatever retreat we have. Similarly many of us have had to shelve plans this year, to travel to a favoured destination or even simply just to see friends and family. Things we often took for granted in the past have gained in importance during this extended period of necessary incarceration. 

Some may call this a first world problem, but it has been in one way or other a significant drain on our sense of well being and loss of personal freedoms. They do say Travel broadens the mind and we can only hope that after the world slowly unlocks we can get back to enjoying the many and numerous rich experiences travel provides, notwithstanding the fundamental human need to meet with friends and family wherever they may be.


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