Day 40 Lockdown blog. 01/05/2020

Acrylic on Newspaper. 2016.Image: Acrylic on French Newspaper from Nov 23rd 1963.  2016.


Events and discoveries that changed the world. I immediately think of Einstein’s theory of relativity, the assassination of JFK, the moon landing, 9/11, the financial crisis of 2010, the development of the internet and of course the Corona Virus outbreak: but there are so many more. 

There is no denying that recent events have affected everyone on the planet and that we are now facing a new paradigm shift which will change all our social and economic futures. In addition we should remember that in the last few months the world has lost so many brilliant and inspirational individuals. So many theories that remain untested, so many discoveries that lack conclusions and so many unrealised opportunities that have been lost. 

Life changing and fundamental decisions have had to be made in great haste by governments and leaders, with little or no guarantees of success. The jury isn’t out yet, its still in isolation. The same goes for many of us as we struggle to find a path through this new landscape, even if it is only seen through our living room windows. Change is something we will all have to come to terms with and we need to look on Amazon and order thinking caps to go with our face masks. Perhaps the greatest barrier to a paradigm shift, in some cases, is the reality of paradigm paralysis: the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of thinking. 

Here’s a quote worth thinking about when you get that new cap.’Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. ( Albert Einstein).


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