Day 36. Lockdown blog. 28/04/2020

THE THREE GRACES. 20 x 20 cm. Mixed Media Collage. 2010.Image: The Three Graces. Mixed Media Collage. 20 x 20 cm. 2010.


This overpainted collage is a tongue in cheek take on the three graces, a favourite subject of artists and sculptures since the original Greek work of 2C BC. Grace has always been a human attribute that is treasured, accepting with grace the lot we have been given. Grace has lots of definitions, social and religious, but let me focus on the definition which includes politeness and consideration for others. Just as we have witnessed numerous wonderful examples of selfless care and compassion from so many in our society, we have also seen many examples of a lack of grace during recent weeks,: rudeness and abuse to supermarket staff and key workers, stockpiling of essentials with little consideration for others, over official actions by the police, internet scams to dupe individuals and companies out of money, etc. For many it seems as if the ‘everyman for himself’  mantra is somehow more justifiable given these extraordinary times. If we are strong enough to navigate through our days with grace we will all benefit from the rewards. 

 ‘The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace.’ ( Aristotle)


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