Day 26 Lockdown blog. 18/04/2020

Image: PAINTED POEM 2 and 3. Mixed Media on Canvas. 2019


They say that pride comes before a fall, which is understandable if it is solely for your own achievements but pride in your children achievements is surely admissible, at least this proud father thinks so.  If you have children I am sure you will appreciate and recognise the sentiment here. Be proud of your children, as my wife and I are of our three wonderful kids, ( all grown up now, but still the kids to me). Believe me, they will step up to the challenge to make this world a better place, and carry the legacy of your love with them always.

This was written in 2010 to my daughter on her graduation as a doctor at UCL; she is currently working on the front line in a London Hospital.

Didn’t you look lovely as you took to the stage to receive your hard fought degree. Didn’t you look every inch a doctor in your cap and gown, which we never doubted you would be. Didn’t we applaud the very steps you took,your red shoes sent strutting on the stage. Through the days of doubt and struggle your bright smile was never dimmed.What a lovely vision in your yellow dress, second hand from Stokie town, you couldn’t fail to impress. Every step you took you know we took with you, never, ever doubting you would see it through. Take your steps with care, compassion and grace, have the strength to know just who you are. What may come to pass is not predictable, but you are like a star that shines so bright that every step you take will be towards the light. 



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