Day 16 Lockdown blog. 08/04/2020


The old fence had fallen to bits and needed to be replaced, so here I am about half way through the job. No hurry of course, looks like I’ll have time, but the roses will need something to grow against when they start to bloom again. Sunny days with all those small jobs which I have ignored for ages slowly getting done. Other sorts of ‘mending’ have suddenly been prioritised: mending the damage caused by ten years of recession to the NHS and our public services, fixing the underfunding and unappreciated charity section, mending the plight of our homeless, fixing support for the old, isolated and infirm…. to name but a few. We all reap the benefits of these social repairs and can only hope that they are part of a more permanent fix after the roses bloom again. In these tragic, dark days we can still take time to count our blessings, and who knows, mending fences could become a habit. 


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