LAND OF PLENTY. Mixed Media in Canvas.ONE OF THE PIECES ON DISPLAY AT THE AUTUMN SHOWCASE, FLEET WALK, TORQUAY. The exhibition is now extended till 16th Nov. 2019. Come along to the Evening View. 14 Nov. 6 – 8 PM. A Torquay Christmas Light show that evening, well worth a visit. The exhibition includes a great selection of artists from the South West and beyond. Something for everyone’s taste and pocket.

Image: LAND OF PLENTY. Mixed Media on Canvas. Inspired by my personal experience of the rich flora and fauna of Australia, taking inspiration from the wonderful work of the indigenous peoples of this amazing continent, seeped in so much history and tradition; in the consistent and continuing battle to recognise their identity and legitimacy in the land they rightfully own. Art and Politics at a cross roads. No surprise of course.  If art can achieve anything, it could be that it serves as a platform to highlight the injustices which the the indigenous peoples have had to endure over successive regimes of apartheid. The dream of Nelson Mandela was a positive and inclusive vision which could facilitate and re~nite the divided country. Though politics is transient’ art remains  vehicle to effect lasting change.


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