From April 2017 my work will be on display at The Barebones Gallery, in Bangalow, Near Byron Bay, Australia. Starting with 5 works, all completed in 2016.

‘Following my visit to Australia in February 2017, visiting Melbourne, Sidney, Ayres Rock and Byron Bay, several Galleries showed interest in my work. This excellent Gallery in Bangalow impressed me with the quality of work they had on display and have requested a few pieces to be shown. Hopefully this will open doors for me to a new and exciting international market  beyond Europe. The works I have on show are mixed media pieces completed in 2015/16.’ FGD.

ALMOST EDIBLE. Mixed Media on Canvas. 201516. 15 x 15 cm

ALMOST EDIBLE.  Mixed Media on Canvas. 15 x 15 x 3.5 cm.


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