New additions to my new web site.

Hi all,

Some way to go before my new web site can be COMPLETELY  finished, but I have made up a lot of ground so far in this new project. It seems that depending on the assessment of the numerous  search engines in respect of my allocated SEOs on my site so far, we should be visible on the internet search engines in a few days!  HAVE PATIENCE AND IT WILL HAPPEN. In the meantime I have put six new pieces from 2014 and 2015 on my ‘Works on Paper’ page on my web site.

Works framed under glass have been a significant part of my creative output over many years, but perhaps of their ‘relatively small size’ have been undervalued in terms of the part they play in the development of my work as an artist.The age old question, does size matter? find my work at :  Do keep your searches up to date and relevant to your needs. FGD.


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