For years I have bought notepads from Sainsbury’s to write my poems in. They are often on offer and great value for the budding poet. If you get it wrong you can just tear out a page and start again, (IF ONLY REAL LIFE WAS LIKE THAT) This little ditty was written some time ago, but I have rewritten it for this blog. G


My Sainsbury’s A6 wiro notepad
has eighty pages full of lines
and I can write my thoughts on these
thanks to Sainsbury’s generous opening times.

I make them into diaries
of every passing thought
(as long as I am quick enough to catch them)
I aim to write something profound
before the self-serve tills close down.

My superstore of thoughts galore
is not so neat as Sainsbury’s stores,
It’s really more like Asda’s
best only seen online.

Then again my nectar card
remains my secret foe
it regularly benefits
a penny in the pound
to let my thoughts accumulate
so I can buy some more
A6 wiro notepads,need I say no more?


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